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Using POWER BI to understand the processes and employee performance in retail trade

Real-time monitoring of sales effectiveness

Access to sales data on any device anywhere

Demand forecasting and inventory optimisation based on your data

Real-time monitoring of your sales department's performance according to predefined key indicators


Analyse the best vendors, agents, locations and categories and see what generates your sales.

Dashboards that will display the most important metrics and KPIs.

In-depth analysis of the data based on various breakdowns, regions, categories, agents, etc.

Tracking of historical trends and forecasting of future sales and applying what-if analysis.

Receiving alerts when a vendor reaches a certain target or another event occurs? Or receiving an alert that a vendor will not be able to reach their target? Do you want to send an alert or flag a sales rep who is unlikely to achieve their targets?


All of your human resources data from various sources in one place

Dashboard showing how effective the process of hiring new employees is, with the option of filtering by different categories: age, sex, length of service, etc.

Track your trainings' effectiveness The Training Dashboard presents useful indicators for evaluation of your investment, the HR budget spent on trainings, the ratio of internal to external training, return on investment, etc.

Identifying the rising stars and weak performers in the organization.

Tracking the use of leaves according to age, department, type of leave, etc.


Do you want to

visualise the acceleration of your business results and do you need to forecast your financial indicators for budgeting purposes?

Dashboards that will display the most important metrics and KPIs.

Identify the trends and gain a valuable insight into your Profit and Loss Statement

Track receivables and payables in real time

Stay on top of your budget and the real performance of the revenue expenditure part of your business.


Learn about the profitability of each marketing campaign. Analyse the power of your social networks.

Improve your EDM campaigns analysis

Get the best value from marketing with better engagement and in time with your most important clients.

Analyse the profitability of your marketing campaigns

Reach a new level of social networks analysis by integrating all of them into your campaign analysis

All in one place

No matter how you collect information and where it is located, we will make it visible in one place, accessible anywhere, anytime and on any device.


Visualize the information in the right way and the easiest to understand by the company's employees

A team to rely on

With our rich experience in developing complete concepts for data analysis in now will help you make decisions based on information collected from you

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